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https://rhondavmagee.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Screenshot-2024-05-27-at-18.21.36.png Birkbeck College, London, U.K.

Keynote Presentation, "Deepening The Roots of Wellbeing: Awareness-Based Practices for Grounding in Your Lifeforce, Even in Hard Times."

In this Keynote presentation and practice Session, Rhonda Magee will discuss how the Four Noble Truths, and the supportive direction detailed in teachings of the Eightfold Path, support establishing mindfulness in a kind of a deeper, more resilient and more robust way, as a support for really being able to discern wise action in the face of the challenges around us. We will explore cultivating mindfulness of breathing, the four establishments of mindfulness, and being inside the spacious joy of allowing these practices to penetrate every aspect of our lives. And we will evolve our own deeper practice for really establishing oneself in the strength of our innate being – no matter what comes our way in these times. The practices deliver us to the awareness that we always, already belong in this world, and therein lies their capacity to help us amplify our lifeforce to exalted heights, for our wellbeing, and for the benefit of all beings.


https://rhondavmagee.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/cairn-6754295_960_720.jpg Bangor, England, U.K

Global Mindfulness Summit

Make plans now to participate in the 2024 International Conference on Mindfulness, hosted by Bangor University and the Mindfulness Network in the United Kingdom. Join Rhonda Magee for her Keynote presentation on social, cultural and systemic dimensions of this important work.